Upcoming courses

Stakeholder Dialogues

  7 - 10 April in Hammamet
24 - 27 June in Potsdam/Berlin
21 - 24 October in Cape Town
11 - 14 November in Lima
  2 - 5 December in Potsdam/Berlin

Stakeholder Engagement

25 - 26 September in Berlin

Dialogic Facilitation

8 - 11 in July in Potsdam
18 - 21 November in Bangkok
9 - 12 December in Potsdam/Berlin

Collective Leadership

3 - 5 June in Berlin

Process Designs for Stakeholder Engagement

1 - 4 July in Potsdam/Berlin

Success Factors in Stakeholder Dialogues

28 - 31 October in Cape Town

Young Leaders for Sustainability

Module 1: 21 – 26 July
Modlue 2:   4 – 8 November 
Module 3: 18 – 21 February
Module 4: 16 – 19 April


Course overview 2014 (pdf)

Petra Künkels column in the Guardian Sustainable Business Hub

Petra Künkel, executive director of the CLI was recently asked to write an online column for the Guardian Sustainable Business Hub. In this column she shares news and insights about our research process on Collective Leadership for Sustainability.

15. February 2012:

Collaborative leadership for sustainable development

(PDF download)

Sustainability innovation is based on people's ability to think together and co-operate across sectors, nations and cultures.

17. April 2012:

Leadership for sustainability: the art of engaging

(PDF download)

What does effective water resource management in the Congo basin have in common with ensuring living wages in Bangladesh?

6. July 2012:

Sustainability leadership: How can we combine flatland and wonderland?

(PDF download)

If we want to co-create a more sustainable future, we need both the harsh reality of flatland and the spirituality of wonderland

9. August:

Do we need to change our Leadership Paradigm?

(PDF download)

Do todays leaders support the paradigm of growth and competition that has led to where we are in today’s world? What do leaders who enhance collective action and a spirit of result-oriented collaboration differently?

Click here to go to the Guardian Sustainable Business Hub.

Innovative thinking

We have published a number of articles which address different aspects of Stakeholder Dialogues and Collective Leadership.

A turning point for responsible supply chain management in the coffee sector, Petra Künkel (PDF)

Partnerships for Sustainability. Case Study - The Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C), Petra Künkel, Vera Fricke, Stanislava Cholakova (PDF)

Leadership – A Pathway to Collective Intelligence, Petra Künkel (PDF)

Essentials Aspects of Leadership for the Common Good, Petra Künkel (PDF)

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