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Stakeholder Dialogues

  7 - 10 April in Hammamet
24 - 27 June in Potsdam/Berlin
21 - 24 October in Cape Town
11 - 14 November in Lima
  2 - 5 December in Potsdam/Berlin

Stakeholder Engagement

25 - 26 September in Berlin

Dialogic Facilitation

8 - 11 in July in Potsdam
18 - 21 November in Bangkok
9 - 12 December in Potsdam/Berlin

Collective Leadership

3 - 5 June in Berlin

Process Designs for Stakeholder Engagement

1 - 4 July in Potsdam/Berlin

Success Factors in Stakeholder Dialogues

28 - 31 October in Cape Town

Young Leaders for Sustainability

Module 1: 21 – 26 July
Modlue 2:   4 – 8 November 
Module 3: 18 – 21 February
Module 4: 16 – 19 April


Course overview 2014 (pdf)

Richard Cogill

Richard Cogill
Senior Associate
Richard Cogill holds a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology which he obtained in New York and Minnesota in the USA. He also qualified as a teacher of English to foreign language speakers at Cambridge University in 2007 and has recently returned from South Korea where he taught English in a high school. Richard has gained writing and facilitation skills both in South Africa and abroad. He worked as a Youth Development worker, community developer, in conflict resolution orgnisations and was deeply involved in developing a community healing network amongst organisations involved with traumatised communities. Richard is currently a Senior Associate with the Collective Leadership Institute and in this capacity is responsible for the development of the strategic documents for CLI and the management of all strategic communications for the organisation.

southafrica (at) Collectiveleadership.com

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