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Stakeholder Dialogues

  7 - 10 April in Hammamet
24 - 27 June in Potsdam/Berlin
21 - 24 October in Cape Town
11 - 14 November in Lima
  2 - 5 December in Potsdam/Berlin

Stakeholder Engagement

25 - 26 September in Berlin

Dialogic Facilitation

8 - 11 in July in Potsdam
18 - 21 November in Bangkok
9 - 12 December in Potsdam/Berlin

Collective Leadership

3 - 5 June in Berlin

Process Designs for Stakeholder Engagement

1 - 4 July in Potsdam/Berlin

Success Factors in Stakeholder Dialogues

28 - 31 October in Cape Town

Young Leaders for Sustainability

Module 1: 21 – 26 July
Modlue 2:   4 – 8 November 
Module 3: 18 – 21 February
Module 4: 16 – 19 April


Course overview 2014 (pdf)

Building Competence for Sustainability

The challenges of sustainability have reached the entire globalized world. Success and failure in moving towards a more sustainable way of living on this planet affects everybody. For us, the key to sustainable development lies in bringing together professional competence, stakeholder perspectives, political negotiation and result-oriented implementation - for responsible business, people-oriented public services and a strong civil society.

As an international non-profit organization we believe in collective leadership skills for sustainability and the capacity to dialogue – for jointly created solutions across sectors, institutions, nations and cultures. We globally support leaders and change agents in private companies, public institutions and civil society who anchor their action in the concern for the greater good and the future of humankind on this planet.

With our capacity building programs, process support and research we foster innovative and effective cross-sector cooperation, stakeholder dialogues and a climate of collective leadership. We build competence for sustainability and create a community of future-oriented leaders.


StakeholderDialogues.net is a first!

The interactive learning space for practitioners from the private sector, the public sector, and civil society organizations acting in multi-stakeholder environments goes online.

Learn more about StakeholderDialogues.net

Young Leaders for Sustainability 2014

The German program for 2014 will start in July. Applications are open now.

In 2014 the YLS program will also be available as tailor made courses in English and French.

Last years participants will continue to learn together in the next module in April.

Hast du Lust auf ein Praktikum bei YLS?

The YLS dialogue event was a great success. Read about it here.

YLS website in German


Water resource management is one of the greatest challenges of our time. The EU-funded ENTIRE-project strengthens civil society organizations in the countries of the Southern Mediterranean Region. The Collective Leadership Institute supports this project with its partners providing training in stakeholder dialogue.

For more, please check out the ENTIRE website.

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Learn more about our approach on Stakeholder Dialogues and our vision of Collective Leadership for Sustainability.

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